What to do in Lajas and La Parguera:

Enjoy It!!!

La Parguera is synonym of adventure and natural beauty. This small community is the most beautiful coastal town of Puerto Rico. Close to shore are dozens of small mangrove cays with clear water, recreational areas, and coral reefs. Bottom glass ferries and small rental boats are available at the town’s waterfront. Mangrove cays close to shore form natural maze of canals full of tropical wild life. On weekends, the town explodes with festivities and nightlife. A few miles offshore, you can dive an amazing 1000-foot drop off with the supervision of professional divers. For a small fee, you can board a boat at night that will take you to the world famous Phosphorescent Bay were microorganism produce an underwater light show.

  • John’s Boat Tours – Visit Caracoles Cay, Enrique Cay, The Bay, Salt Water Pool. Tel: 787-409-0187Bioluminescent Bay-main tourist attraction (boat ride)
  • Caracoles and El Enrique cays or islets with cristal waters (by boat)
  • La Pared- 22 mile coral reef wall. A must for divers.
  • Pineapple Processing and Growth (Pina Cabezona) for tours call: 787-464-5300
  • Playita Rosado (can go in car) and La Gata (boat ride)-natural salt water pools, both with gazebo and BBQ facilities
  • Los Canales –  beautiful canals surrounded by mangroves (boat ride)
  • Boat Trips, Kayaks, others

Where to eat

  • La Jamaca Snack bar of course! – Local (from Puerto Rico) appetizers and famous for can can pork chops, homemade hamburgers and homemade Sangria Bom-Bom!!
  • El Turromote-Seafood and meats road #7 to Playita Rosada Club Nautico 787-899-3361.
  • Moons Bar and Tapas Downtown-caribbean tapas 304 street km 3.2 La Parguera. Nice live music!
  • El fogon – local and international cuisine
  • Passion Bar and Restaurant – caribbean food Street Amistad #25 Lajas. 939-214-7081
  • Isla Cueva Burger Bar
  • The Moorings – local cuisine

Night Life

  • Plaza San Pedro: local artisans and live music
  • Yolandas Bar and Grill-Karaoke’s
  • Los Balcones Sports Bar- road 304 in front of plaza San Pedro
  • Las Cuerdas Café-live bands
  • Mar Y Tierra Bar: billiards and bar
  • El Karacol Bar: famous for its sangrías “Coño”

Boat Tours- John Medina- 5 hour Private boat up to 6 persons $140.00 or 3 hours tours up to 6 persons for only $100.00 Tel: 787-409-0187 highly recommended!

West Divers-Snorkeling Tours $50.00 p/p, Kayak tours doubles $20.00 p/h 787-899-3223

Nearby Must Attractions

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Cabo Rojo

25 to 30 minutes

Cabo Rojo’s Lighthouse recently renovated and Playuelas Beach (playa sucia) for La Jamaca is the best beach around.  Spectacular pictures can be taken from the lighthouse. During the trip you will see the Salt flats an active salt –mining operation, there are walking and bike trails around.

Boquerón Town – is a beach village. The village is one of the main tourist attractions in the southwestern part of the island. You can find local artisans, bars, live music, among others.

The Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge is a habitat for a number of native bird species. Nice to do biking around.

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20 to 25 minutes

Guanica’s Dry forest – largest remaining tract of tropical dry coastal forest in the world!

Gilligan Island– Gilligan’s Island is part of the Biosphere Reserve of Guanica and managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DRNA).Nice to swim, do some snorkeling, Kayaking and spend the day! (boat ride) also visit Playa Santa Beach.

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San Germán

20 to 25 minutes

San Germán – our precious historic Hometown! (Spanish town like old San Juan but smaller is the second oldest city in PR after San Juan).

Porta Coeli Church is one of the oldest in the western hemisphere and the oldest under the US Jurisdiction.

Delirious Restaurant – If  in San German plan to eat in Delirious Restaurant known for its meats, Tel. 787-993-1028 next to Porta Coeli church or Mikes Steak House.

It is our home town and we love during the nights to walk around the Plaza Santo Domingo during the nights and have some coffee at the local coffee shops nearby.